Total Health for African American Christians was developed by a Christian physician and author to empower you to live a longer, more vibrant, spirit-filled life. Strengthening your relationship with Christ - the foundation of all real joy - and optimizing your physical and emotional well-being are vital to living the best life possible. So, Total Health is chock-full of information, action plans, and resources to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.  

   Utilize proven strategies to prevent disease, or detect it early, to dramatically increase both the length and quality of your life. There simply are not enough doctors and nurses to teach everyone these life-renewing messages, so users are challenged to apply these methods to their own lives and then teach them to friends and family. Everyone can play a vital role in escalating the status of his or her own health, the health of loved ones, and even the health of friends and co-workers.

    Record and e-mail voice memos of your favorite testimonies, or simply record reminders for upcoming doctors’ appointments, relaxation techniques, and other noteworthy issues. Keep written notes about important information, such as your plans for spiritual growth, healthy recipes, and exercise goals. Test your health IQ, and don't forget to use the poll to see how you are doing compared to other app users. This information may help motivate you to reach your personal goals quicker. 

   Periodically you may notice changes to the content, of this app, such as updates on health recommendations, and new quiz questions.

 Chock-full of African American electronic greeting cards, Express It makes it simple to send unique e-cards on the fly. Forgot to buy someone special a birthday card? No worries. With just a few clicks you can send a beautiful e-card and even add your own message. 

Categories include:
Custom card creation (Use your photos or take a new photo and overlay it with a message, e.g. I love you, Happy Birthday, etc. Many messages to choose from.)
Special Occasion
Food for Thought

Record and e-mail your own personal expressions of love or simply send text e-mails to someone special.